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Blessed Hope Chapel South Australia
Our sister church in South Australia, led by pastor Robert Cartledge.


Good Fight Ministries
Thorough and in-depth research on the music industry and it's effects on culture.

Pastor Joe's Web blog
Keep informed of current events, pop-culture, and world news from a biblical perspective as Pastor Joe gives scriptural insight covering various topics.


The Good Fight Radio Show
The online home to Pastor Joe's weekly radio show, where you can find information on stations, days and times, as well as archived shows from each week.


The Submerging Church
A site dedicated to sharing information that relates to the Emerging Church, there is a wealth of information for research and awareness.

Hollywood Unmasked
Thorough and in-depth research on the movie industry (Hollywood) and it's affects on culture.

Hollywood's War on God
Learn how the movie industry is initiating the masses into a Gnostic worldview that will culminate in a "strong delusion" as the world joins Satan and the final Antichrist in their war on God.

Living Waters
Living Waters Publications is an interdenominational ministry whose purpose is to educate God's people in the principles of Biblical evangelism.

Goshen Christian Directory
A search engine for Christian resources.

Spiritual Counterfeits Project
A site which exposes many false belief systems masquerading as Christianity.

Institute For Creation Research
A site dedicated to true science. Exposing the false claims of evolutionists.

Bible Gateway
A Bible search engine providing access to multiple translations of the scriptures including some foreign languages.

Wycliffe Bible Translators
ALERT: Due to a recent discovery about Wycliffe (along with the Summer Institute of Linguistics - or SIL - and Frontiers) producing "Muslim-friendly bibles," which eliminate the terms "Father" and "Son," we can no longer support Wycliffe.

Gideons International
Website of the Gideons, an organization committed to providing Bibles free of charge to hotels, schools, hospitals, etc.

Jeremiah Films
Website of Jeremiah Films. Producing informative videos on a variety of subjects.

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